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Why One Carb?

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Why One Carb?

Since we came up with the original KJS Virago Manifold there have been a lot of Yamaha riders wondering how having only one carb can possibly be more efficient than two? We have tried to provide a little more insight into this area.

With one manifold balanced, each cylinder receives its fuel charge equally, so the bang is the same, thus producing an even power thrust. Unlike one carb per jug, when the valve starts to open, it has to draw from the belly of the carb, and only gets the charge near the end of it’s stroke. With the single manifold supplying both cylinders there is constant intake manifold pressure. When the valve opens, I use the term, the fuel charge just falls in thus creating an even power thrust.

Will a single carb give you more HP & torque? Yes, at the bottom end where it's needed, and you will still have all your top end. If you're a drag racer, then experiment with cams, pistons ,etc to give you the performance you require. But for great ride drivability the stock Yamaha configuration is perfect. At 65 MPH stay in 5th gear while passing and feel the power climb without having to drop into 4th gear to pass safely.

The power you need, when you want it!

Remember if having one carb per cylinder was so good, how come a V8 Chevy doesn’t have 8 carbs, and why has Harley -Davidson used only one carburetor for over a 100 years?

Hopefully this provides you with more information on why the KJS High Performance Kit is such a breakthrough and why satisfied customers are thrilled with their "new" bike after installing it.


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