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KJS High Performance Manifold Testimonials & Photos

Hundreds of riders worldwide who were looking to get more performance from their Yamaha V-Stars and Viragos turned to KJS Motorcycle Works for the high performance single carb intake manifold system.

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Hi Ken. Adjusted the PMS screw 1/2 turn. You were right ....it was running too lean. Throttle is nice and smooth, no jumps, and the idle is consistent. Running like a champ. Thanks again for all your help, and for a great product. It's delivered the performance i want with the ease of tuning for a lot less $ than i had planned. Was going to change out pistons, cams, valve springs, ect. ect. You've saved me thousands. Thanks.

DAN Glens Falls NY,
2000 V Star

Hi Ken, Just wanted to let you know of the great big differance in my bike's performance. It runs better than new. When I started for the first time it fired up and right away I could feel and hear the performance. You make a great product and the K&N fits and looks sharp. Keep up the good work!

Rhode Island

85 1000 virago

I thank You! My bike is best!
In Samara last weekend was bikeshow and all people saw it!

Andreus, Russia
86 1100 virago

Hey Ken bike is running great it is a great investment thanks for all the help and a great product.....

Toombs Georgia 82 920 virago

I want to thank you for coming down and installing my manifold for me back in March.This past Monday I went for a 250 mile ride with my brother and cousin. They both ride Kawasaki 1500's and they were both surprised at the way my bike ran. My 1100 Star had no problem hanging with them even at 85+
mph. My bike is also averaging about 50 mpg running at 65 mph (with a couple of 1 to 2 mile 85 to 90 mph stretches). It has made a great difference in total performance of the bike. It rides smoother, and has enough torque to climb a tree and riding 2 up is like riding single. Keep up the good work and take care.

Mike Newell, Albany, Ga 2005 V Star

Rod Culp in Brownsburg, Indiana here. Bought your set up about a year and a half ago. Absolutely love it.Again, I can't say enough good things about my experience with you and the single carb manifold. Thank you again.

Rod Culp
87 700

This is Tim Tompkins from Canton, IL. I'm just wrting to you to let you know that I have installed the carb and it's works great and telling all my friends that if they have a v-star virago to buy your product. Thanks for sending me your product and for the personal time you took over the phone with me.

Tim Tompkins 84 1000

I love my setup; it is everything it was advertised to be.

Thomas Sweda,
Middlebury CT, 2007 V Star

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