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Construction of the Caretaker


The Caretaker - Vehicle Facts

Year, Make and Model:
1989 Oldsmobile Delta 88, Royale Brougham 4 door sedan 
3800 V6  - 4 speed transmission
6 wheel brakes - Front- Disc Rear - Drum
Front Suspension:
KYB Struts and Springs - everything else stock
Rear Axles:
3,000 lbs per axle - custom made to fit original Oldsmobile brake parts, spindles, Hubs and wheels ( easy to service )
27.5 Ft long, 8 Ft High, 7.5 Ft Wide
Fuel Efficiency:
15.5 MPG


The Caretaker - Construction Information

It's important to remember that for safety reasons the vehicle has to maintain it's integrity unitized construction and crush zones.  This factor along with the weight distribution and load make for a comfortable, and safe ride.

From the original frame rails, (over the rear) The Caretaker is constructed with ladder type rails, that being the center point to the rear
Side Rails:
Built outwards - this making the interior floor space

To support this, the original rocker panels, B pillars and the roof line are all joined together with an arch way that eliminates any flex.  It is supported again to the side rails and the rear compartment endoskeleton.

The outside walls are made with sheet metal , no aluminum - that's just for airplanes.  This design feature keeps the complete vehicle unitized.



The Caretaker - Interior Design Features

  • Hidden rear loading ramp with 12 volt electric roll up door
  • 10,000 BTU Propane Heater (external 20lb tank)
  • Toilet and holding tank
  • 5000 watt generator
  • Fold Away Bedding
  • 12 volt/115 Electric Fridge
  • Vented Cooking Facilities
  • Completed insulated with Reflectix ( two layers of 99% pure aluminum separated by a 5/16' dead air space.  This gives the most insulation value and provides safety against fire.)


To get this desired effect, changing the Oldsmobile front end required extensive sheet metal work on the original hood. The fenders where changed to fit KIA headlights and an Olds Intrigue rear bumper. Custom made front grille and air dam for smooth drafting.


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