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Welcome To The Worlds First and Original Single Carb Manifold System For Yamaha V-Stars and Viragos

After 15 years, a brand new website, and a brand new attitude, KJS speaks about the truths! Don't be fooled by other imitation manifolds, we have the science and technology to guarantee that our system will work for you. Click here to find out more!

KJS High Performance V-Star/Virago Intake Manifold

A single carb manifold system for the Yamaha V-Star and Virago is  available from KJS Motorcycle Works.  The KJS System is designed to fit all 650 , 1100 V-Star models and all 400, 500 , 535, 700 ,750 , 920 ,1000 ,1100 Yamaha Virago models.

This system fits the 700 / 750 / 920 /

1000 / 1100 V-Star & Virago.

It comes in silver but it can be painted 

any color you prefer.

This system fits the 400 / 500 / 535 /

650 V Star & Virago


Typical 535 installed with

K&N RC1950air filter